Assignment writing

If you want to discuss a written assignment, you should first:

  • clarify what is required with your lecturer/tutor if you don’t understand the task
  • ensure you bring the assignment question/guidelines and a hard copy of your work
  • identify the main areas you are having problems with
  • check out the Learning Lab's essay or report writing online resources to see if you are on track.

The language and learning advisor is able to:

  • help you understand the task
  • help you to plan how you will approach the assignment
  • give feedback on your writing*
  • discuss strategies for improvement and refer you to resources
  • assist you to develop effective and critical reading skills
  • discuss structural aspects of your writing with you.

*Please note: we are unable to proofread your assignment or thesis.


Individual appointments

We offer a limited number of 50-minute individual appointments to students with a referral. You can get a referral from:

  • a learning advisor at the Study and Learning Centre drop-in
  • a disability liaison officer at the Disability Liaison Unit

We also offer limited appointments for Higher Degree by Research students to discuss structural aspects of your thesis or ways to develop your writing.

*Please note: we are unable to proofread your assignment or thesis.

Please call RMIT Connect on 9925 5000 to make a booking.