Student Learning Assistants at orientation

SLAs are RMIT students who are employed by the Study and Learning Centre and trained by our professional Learning Advisors to help you in your studies.

SLAs are friendly, approachable students who are trained to:

  • listen actively
  • ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts and ideas
  • share tips, study techniques and strategies
  • offer advice on maths, physics and chemistry problems
  • give feedback on a draft of your assignment
  • help out with basic computer skills
  • direct you to workshops and resources
  • advise you on ways to improve your English language skills
  • lead transition workshops on first year experience

Typical questions SLAs can assist you with are:

  • How do I manage my time when I have so many assignments due at the same time?
  • I'm not clear about the task - what is the assignment asking me to do?
  • How do I go about researching the information I need?
  • I've got the ideas, but how do I put them on paper?
  • I've been told to improve my 'English expression' - what does this mean and how can I do it?
  • I think I need to improve my speaking and pronunciation skills - how can I do this?
  • I've prepared an oral presentation - can you give me some feedback?
  • My computer skills are not up to scratch - how can I improve?

Can SLAs proofread assignments?

SLAs do not edit, correct or proofread students’ work. The role of the SLA is that of an interested reader. They can ask you questions about aspects of your work and actively respond to your ideas.