Are you Maths Ready?

The Maths Ready program provides:

  • an online quiz to help you assess your maths skills before starting your program of study
  • ongoing assistance with mathematical skills development
  • access to appropriate resources within RMIT such as the Study and Learning Centre.

About the Maths Ready Quiz

The Maths Ready Quiz:

  • will help you identify gaps in your maths skills
  • consists of 20 multiple choice questions
  • covers the topics of algebra, equations, indices, trigonometry and calculus
  • is compulsory
  • counts 3% towards your assessment.

How to access the quiz

  1. Access the quiz through the Studies tab on myRMIT.
  2. The quiz will be open to students from Monday one week before Week 1 of course commencement.
  3. The quiz must be completed by 11:59 PM Sunday in Week 2 of course commencement.

For dates relevant to your course, check Blackboard.

Tips on completing the quiz

  • It is important that you do the quiz by yourself and do not seek outside assistance.
  • Do the quiz under test conditions with minimal external distractions.
  • At any time before submitting your answers you may use the ‘Back’ button to return to a previous question and review/change your answer.
  • All questions must be answered before submitting your answers.
  • You can only attempt the quiz once.

After you complete the quiz

  • On completing the quiz, you will receive a score. You can use the ‘Check answers’ button to see how you went. Take note of the questions you answered incorrectly to help you when seeking assistance.
  • The participation mark of 3% will be recorded in the grade centre of your maths course.
  • You will be placed in one of three bands.

Band A

This band represents students:

  • who achieved a score from 18 to 20
  • should be well prepared to continue their studies
  • should seek help from the Study and Learning Centre when necessary to make sure their maths skills are maintained and developed.

Band B

This band represents students:

  • who achieved a score from 13 to 17
  • should be adequately prepared to continue their studies
  • should seek help from the Study and Learning Centre regularly and particularly when they encounter skills/concepts that are difficult to understand or master.

Band C

This band represents students:

  • who achieved a score of less than 13
  • who do not have essential skills to continue their studies
  • who are strongly advised to contact the Study and Learning Centre immediately so that issues with background knowledge can be addressed
  • who will be contacted by the Study and Learning Centre to discuss appropriate support options if contact is not made by the student.

Study and Learning Centre maths support

The Study and Learning Centre provides the following services to help you develop your maths skills:

  • Maths Ready workshops as advertised in your course Blackboard and the Study and Learning Centre website
  • Study KnowHow Bridging Programs
  • Maths Resources and Videos on the Learning Lab
  • INCS: in class support for specific courses