Q. Is the quiz compulsory?
A. The quiz has been included in the assessment of your maths course, so it is compulsory.

Q. Why has this quiz been included in my course?
A. The purpose of this quiz is to identify and assist in a timely manner those students who are under prepared for the rigorous maths program required in 1st year engineering courses.

Q. What happens if I don’t attempt the quiz?
A. You may receive a follow up communication from the Maths Ready program team. If you do not complete the quiz you will forfeit the marks allocated.

Q. How long does the quiz take?
A. The quiz will take people differing amounts of time. It is recommended that you set aside at least 1 hour to complete the quiz. Don’t press the submit button until you have completed all questions and are satisfied with your answers.

Q. Can I attempt the quiz more than once?
A. No. Only one attempt is allowed.

Q. Who sees my results?
A. Only the RMIT staff working on the Maths Ready program, not the teaching staff of your program. The teaching staff will be provided with a report on whether you have attempted the quiz for the purpose of allocating marks only.

Q. What happens if I am a late enrolment or have problems accessing the quiz?
A. Please email maths.ready@rmit.edu.au or contact the Study and Learning Centre.