Exam preparation workshops

The Study and Learning Centre will be conducting a series of exam preparation workshops covering a range of maths and statistics topics. The workshops will be held during SWOT Vac week.

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Workshop descriptions

Monday, 28 May

W1 Differentiation and Applications:
Derivatives of basic functions. Product, quotient and chain rules, higher derivatives and implicit differentiation. Applications include related rates, applied maxima and minima, errors and small approximations and Newton’s method.


W2 Statistics:
Methods for describing data, calculating mean, median mode and interquartile ranges, random variables and probability distributions, Binomial theorem. 


W3 Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices:
Gaussian elimination, elementary matrix algebra, Inverse of a matrix, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Tuesday, 29 May

W4 Integration and Applications:
The definite integral, areas of regions between curves, volumes of revolution, numerical integration,Trapezoidal and Simpson rules. 


W5 First Order Differential Equations:
Separable, first order linear and homogeneous change of variables.

Wednesday, 30 May W6 Complex Numbers:
Basic Algebra of complex numbers - Cartesian form, real and imaginary parts, complex conjugate. Polar form - modulus and argument (phase). Geometrical representation, Euler’s formula, DeMoivre’s theorem, Powers and roots of complex numbers, Regions in the complex plane.

W7 Statistics:
Normal and t-Distribution


W8 Vectors: 
Vector algebra. Scalar (dot) product: properties, angle between vectors, vector and scalar projections. Vector (cross) product, area of triangle, scalar triple products, equation of a plane,intersection and angles between lines and planes. 

Thursday, 31 May

W9 Functions of Several Variables:
Partial derivatives in Cartesian coordinates, higher-order partial derivatives, chain rule: simple and general case, directional derivative, tangent planes and normals to surfaces in three-dimensional space. 


W10 Second Order Differential Equations:
Homogeneous and non-homogenous second order differential equations.

Friday, 1 June

W11 Statistics:
Inference based on single sample, confidence intervals.


W12 Statistics:
Hypothesis testing on single sample, testing population means and proportions, two sample hypothesis test.


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