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About our workshops

The workshops address speaking, listening, and written grammar, as well as integrating academic referencing into your writing.

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Workshops on offer

There are no workshops scheduled.
This workshop series can help you improve your understanding of English grammar and sentence structure so that you can proofread your own work. Each week you'll work with other students and a Learning Advisor in both giving and receiving feedback on a paragraph of your current writing.
If you can pronounce individual English words but still find that native speakers have trouble understanding you, or if you have trouble understanding native speakers, you might need to work on sentence stress. English is a stress-timed language, which means native speakers only pronounce clearly the most important words and the others have weaker stress. These four sessions will give you areas of pronunciation and intonation to work on.
Gain confidence in speaking out and participating in tutorials and group work. The sessions aim to help you develop confidence in initiating and maintaining conversations, both for uni and for your future career.
This workshop series begins with an introduction to how to reference and paraphrase and moves on to how language can be used to make your references more effective. Emphasis is placed on using referencing in assignments to show your understanding, analysis and critical evaluation of the books and articles you have read. It would be useful to attend all four sessions.