Students from all disciplines can enjoy free dance classes, theatre, workshops, lunchtime programs, competitions, arts collectives, funding and exhibitions.

First Site Gallery

Exhibition space

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First Site Gallery showcases work by our students across a range of disciplines - including art, craft, design and multimedia.

Location: Building 16, Level 2, Storey Hall Basement, 344 Swanston St.


You could exhibit your work too!

Glass cabinets displaying student work, curated by First Site Gallery.

Location: Building 10, Level 4 and Building 8, Level 2.

Cinema, Building 80 (SAB)

The cinema is 180-capacity and has Blu-Ray, DVD and projection facilities.

Registered student clubs and groups can book this cinema by emailing with at least 2 week’s notice.

Location: Building 80, Level 1, Room 2, 445 Swanston Street.

Kaleide Theatre

The Kaleide Theatre is used for lectures, seminars, film screenings and live performances.

Registered student clubs and groups can book this theatre by emailing

Location: Building 8, Level 2, 360 Swanston Street.

RMIT Gallery

Click the link below to find out more about RMIT Gallery

RMIT Gallery presents changing exhibitions of Australian and international design, including fashion, architecture, fine art, craft, new media and technology.

Location: Building 16, Level 2, 344 Swanston Street.

School of Art Galleries

Project space/ Spare Room

Location: Building 94, Level 2, 23 - 27 Cardigan Street.

School of Art Gallery

Location: Building 2 Level B, Bowen Street (off Latrobe St).

The DrawingSpace, Melbourne (Metasenta) is a mobile drawing space dedicated to activating dormant spaces through the drawing process in all its forms.

Location: Rear of RMIT Building 49. Access from Stewart Street.