Sign in to MyApps portal using your RMIT ID.

MyApps Portal

Upon successful sign in, you will be presented with a page which has an icon to link your RMIT account to Facebook.

I want to link my RMIT Account to:

To complete the linking process, you must now ‘Sign in’ again to the MyApps portal using your RMIT credentials.

Upon successful ‘Sign in', your Facebook or Google or LinkedIn account will now be linked to your RMIT account.

Post Set up:  

You have now linked your Social Media account to RMIT. When you choose to access the RMIT portal via Social Media, you will be taken to the social media ‘Login’ page.  Your existing Social Media credentials will be required to ‘Login’. If you are already logged in to the Social Media provider, you will be logged in automatically.

Note: ‘Log out’ from your Social Media accounts will not ‘log you out’ of your RMIT account.