Computers on campus

Computers are available for student use at all RMIT Libraries. Click the link below to find and book a computer on campus.

Some Schools have spaces where you may be able to access computer facilities. Contact your School to find out more.


If you’d prefer to use your own laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can connect to our wireless network on any RMIT campus.


Using myDesktop, you’re able to access learning and teaching software, printers and the internet. Think of it as bringing the lab to your mobile device.

Purchase computers for personal use

Get yourself discounted Micorsoft and Apple devices for personal use via RMIT's CompNow portal. Students & staff can order and pay via the portal with all products shipped to your nominated address.

As these purchases are deemed personal, all support & warranty requests are serviced by CompNow (or the hardware vendor). RMIT Service and Support Centre can't assist with support & warranty requests for these devices, so please direct any queries to: