Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is any network where there is no requirement for you to enter a username and password to establish a connection. Using public Wi-Fi means your data can easily be intercepted and viewed by cybercriminals. Public Wi-Fi may compromise your login information and give attackers visibility of sensitive information resulting in theft or illegal usage of your information.

Public Wi-Fi is not recommended when accessing any personal information or accounts. The Wi-Fi at cafes, airports, hotels, shopping centres or similar is unsafe, even if you are required to put in an access code provided by them to connect. Public Wi-Fi is only suitable for general browsing, such as sports, weather and news. Use secure or trusted connections such as RMIT Wi-Fi, your home network or Eduroam to access anything related to RMIT or anything personal. 

Reduce the security risks associated with Public Wi-Fi by:

  • avoiding access to any sensitive data or information 
  • using a VPN connection
  • using myDesktop for any work-related purposes. Any data you send via RMIT’s myDesktop service is encrypted and sent through RMIT’s servers, passing onto the web. If data is intercepted by a third party, the data is not able to be read or understood
  • using SSL connections. Enable the ‘Always Use HTTPS’ option on your frequently visited websites or anytime a site is requiring you to enter login/password credentials
  • switching off ‘Wi-Fi’ when it’s not required. The Wi-Fi hardware in your computer is still transmitting data between any network within range, even without an active network connection

Eduroam (secure Wi-Fi)

  • Eduroam (Education roaming) is a secure Wi-Fi service available in many International educational and research locations. Travellers planning to use Eduroam are advised to configure access to Eduroam on their home institution campus prior to departure.
  • For set up details, please visit our Connecting to Eduroam network page.
  • For international Eduroam, participating institutions can be found on the Eduroam website.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is the most secure option to surf on public networks or to remotely access some RMIT systems. Staff requiring a VPN for work purposes should request access to ‘sslvpn’, via the Service Now portal, before departure.