What is Google Apps?

Google Apps for Education is a suite of products that schools and universities can use to bring communication and collaboration tools to the academic community. Google manages the technology while you own and are responsible for the content.

You can share ideas quickly and work efficiently when the same powerful communication and sharing tools are accessed. Google Apps for Education provides email, sharing of calendars online, instant messaging and even a dedicated support website. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain since everything is delivered via a standard web browser – anytime from anyplace.

How do I access and log in to Gmail and Google Apps?

RMIT students can access Gmail and the other Google applications via the email portlet in myRMIT.

Alternatively, you can access your account directly via the Gmail website using your full email address as your RMIT ID, e.g. s1234567@student.rmit.edu.au. If you have not logged in, your default password will be the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth in the format of pYYYYMMDD! . You will be required to change this password after the first time you log in.

Note: Do not check ‘Stay signed in’ when accessing from a public or shared computer.

Important: Do not attempt to create your own RMIT Google account. This has already been created for you. If you have trouble logging in when using the above login information, contact the Service and Support Centre.

I'm having trouble accessing GoogleApps via my browser - what can I do?

Check you're using one of the recommended browsers.

I already have a personal Gmail account, why do I need a Google Apps account?

Your RMIT Google Apps account gives you access to an ad-free version of Google Apps for Education tailored to meet the needs of education institutions. This includes a number of features not available to public Gmail account users.

Is my email and information at Google Apps secure and private?

Yes. Privacy and data security were of the highest priority for the University in selecting its vendor, and we are satisfied that the data security and privacy standards to which Google has committed meet the University’s requirements. For more information, go to Google’s security and privacy standards.

Can I access my Google Apps account on a mobile device?

Yes. You can access Google Apps via your mobile device’s web browser, an email application or as the primary email address installed on your device’s email client.

Visit the Google Mobile Help site to discover what options are available for your device.

Can I access my RMIT email from another email account (provider)?

Yes. You can use POP or IMAP clients. To set up your account for this, check out Google help at: Other ways to access Gmail