Recommended Enrolment Online browsers


Operating system



Windows 7,8, 10

Internet Explorer 11
Chrome 43
Firefox 42, 38 ESR (Extended Support Release)


Apple IOS 8, 9



Android 5, 6



* Device limitations may apply. Enrolment Online uses pop-ups, please ensure these are enabled on your browser.

If you experience issues with the presentation of your date of birth, please ensure that your browser is set to ‘Australian English’ format.

Note: Other browsers are not supported by RMIT for use with Enrolment Online and functionality may be limited.

Recommended Google Apps browsers

If you are using Internet Explorer, please be aware that Google has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9 when accessing Google Apps. Google recommends using its Chrome browser for the best experience.

For further information, visit the Google Apps Documentation and Support web page for browser information.