What is Deadly Alumni?

When you graduate from RMIT, you will be part of the University’s alumni community and you’ll become a member of our Deadly Alumni community. Led by Ngarara Willim, the Deadly Alumni community is a space for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates to connect and share their success through networking, mentoring opportunities, as well as social and cultural events.

As a Deadly Alumnus you can:

  • expand your network to include peers and mentors you admire
  • grow your career or business through exciting professional development opportunities, like free or discounted short courses
  • make an impact in the community by mentoring a Ngarara Willim student
  • receive member-only giveaways, discounts and events
  • gain access to RMIT’s Library and collaboration spaces

How to get involved

Join our Deadly Alumni Facebook page.

Go to the RMIT Alumni page for more ways to stay connected with the broader RMIT community.