Private rental

You can rent a house, apartment or studio through a real estate agent or private landlord. Places to look for private rental properties include:

Shared accommodation

The main advantage of shared accommodation is reduced living expenses making it the most popular accommodation choice for students. Most students enjoy the benefit of living with other people while maintaining a relatively independent lifestyle.

Moving into an established household is often easier and less costly than setting up a new household as most amenities such as kitchen supplies and furniture may already be supplied. You will usually be responsible for arranging furnishings for their own room.

Whilst living with other people has the benefit of meeting new people, complications can arise if there are no rules established about living habits and household tasks such as cleaning. It is important that you give some thought to your needs and communicate matters openly with your housemates.

Most shared households split the cost of rent and utilities equally and pool funds for the purchase of supplies for common areas such as laundry and kitchen.

Students can lease a property from a real estate agent or landlord when establishing a new shared house. Please refer to our moving in webpage for detailed steps in acquiring a rental property.

Students looking for an existing household can find advertisements from a number of shared accommodation websites. It is important to inspect the room and meet all the people you will be sharing with.

Places to look for shared accommodation include: