Before you arrive

If you are new to Melbourne we recommend that you arrive at least two to three weeks before the start of classes to give you time to arrange long term accommodation; short-stay accommodation provides a place for you to stay while you are looking.

We understand that you may want to arrange your long term accommodation before arrival, however, starting your move to Melbourne with short-stay accommodation will help you make a more informed decision about where you’d like to live long term. Short-stay accommodation gives you the opportunity to visit the suburbs around your campus and determine the best location for you.

When you arrive

When you arrive in Melbourne, we recommend you meet with a Student Support Advisor at RMIT Connect for advice on researching and inspecting properties so you can find long term accommodation.

You are strongly encouraged to inspect each rental property in person before signing a lease or paying any money. Do not make commitments based on internet listings, photographs or speaking over the phone. Follow the Consumer Affairs guidelines for renting a property and ask yourself the following questions to avoid housing scams:

  • Does the price seem too good to be true?
  • Has the landlord prevented me from inspecting the property?
  • Did the landlord tell me that they live overseas?
  • Did the landlord ask me for a money transfer before I could inspect the property?

Short-stay accommodation options

Budget accommodation

Hostels offer cheap, short term accommodation. Most have a mix of private rooms and dormitory style accommodation.

Compare by price and read reviews:

Discounted online rates for accommodation

Access cheaper rates online when you book close to the time of your departure: