We stand with students to bring an end to sexual harassment. Change starts with you.

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Changing the course at RMIT

Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean

"We set out to change our course by setting the standard of condemning violence against women and gender stereotypes, calling out poor behaviour and by providing education about the impact.

By doing this, we will continue to create a community across RMIT that supports and cares about each other."

Small moments have big impact

Led by our values, the RMIT community shares a common mission to create an environment where we all feel supported, safe, secure and respected.

Guiding us isthree-year plan to reduce sexual harm, called Changing the Course, which is well underway. It was co-created with staff and students and everyone at RMIT has a role to play.

Research shows that bystander action leads to a safer environment for everyone. It's up to all of us to change the harmful culture of everyday sexism that leads to sexual harm. If you hear something, speak up and call it out.

Calling out everyday sexism

Finn Devlin, RMIT Staff

"Plenty of comments in bars and clubs, you wish you'd called it out but could never find the words. In a setting in which alcohol is involved, you worry about violence."

Abena Dove, RUSU President, Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

"I generally speak out. I do this because I feel like the majority of women don't out of a concern for safety."

Elizabeth Duong, Bachelor of Engineering

“There are stereotypes amongst engineers about girls. It's important to understand your own self-worth and not let people get the better of you.”

Here's how you can help

"Everyday Sexism is a way of life if you’re a woman."

Fiona Richardson
(22 Nov 1966 – 23 Aug 2017)
Former Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

Preventing violence - read the research

Change the story is a report published by Our Watch and Vic Health. It explains the direct connection between gender inequality and violence against women and children - and how we can work to prevent it. 
Change the Course is the Australian Human Rights Commission's 2017 report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian Universities.