Sexual harm exists in our community - even if you haven't experienced it yourself.

Commitment statements

Choose one statement that reflects your values, that you can commit to, or feel free to come up with your own statement!

  • I commit to setting an example of respectful behaviour
  • I commit to listening
  • I commit to always believing you
  • I commit to calling out sexist jokes
  • I commit to asking you if you're ok
  • I commit to being open minded
  • I commit to including you
  • I commit to showing I don’t think it’s ok
  • I commit to not laughing along
  • I commit to supporting you if you speak out
  • I commit to acknowledging what’s happened
  • I commit to speaking out against disrespectful behaviour
  • I commit to focussing on the behaviour, not the person
  • I commit to taking criticism on board
  • I commit to learning from you
  • I commit to never blaming the victim
  • I commit to treating women and men equally
  • I commit to completing the staff e-module on responding to disclosures

These statements were taken from Our Watch, an organisation for preventing violence against women and children. Read more about what you can do to prevent violence.

Student and staff commitments

I commit to speaking out in all-male spaces. 

Josh Fielding

I commit to standing with my LGBTI friends and creating an environment where we are all accepted and valued in our society.

Ayman Barbaresco

I commit to listening and taking criticism on board.


I commit to calling out people around me, even when it's uncomfortable to do the right thing.

Tal Sardone

About this campaign

Learn about our three-year plan to reduce sexual harm. Understand the research behind the work we're doing.

Get support

If you have experienced sexual harm, we're here to support you. It doesn't matter where it happened or who was involved. 

We have made our commitments, have you?