Sexual harm exists in our community - even if you haven't experienced it yourself.

Commitment statements

Choose one statement that reflects your values, that you can commit to, or feel free to come up with your own statement!

  • I commit to setting an example of respectful behaviour
  • I commit to listening
  • I commit to always believing you
  • I commit to calling out sexist jokes
  • I commit to asking you if you're ok
  • I commit to being open minded
  • I commit to including you
  • I commit to showing I don’t think it’s ok
  • I commit to not laughing along
  • I commit to supporting you if you speak out
  • I commit to acknowledging what’s happened
  • I commit to speaking out against disrespectful behaviour
  • I commit to focussing on the behaviour, not the person
  • I commit to taking criticism on board
  • I commit to learning from you
  • I commit to never blaming the victim
  • I commit to treating women and men equally
  • I commit to completing the staff e-module on responding to disclosures

These statements were taken from Our Watch, an organisation for preventing violence against women and children. Read more about what you can do to prevent violence.

About our campaign to reduce sexual harm

Led by our values, the RMIT community shares a common mission to create an environment where we all feel supported, safe, secure and respected.

Guiding us is a three-year plan called Changing the Course at RMIT (PDF 4MB). This very comprehensive program of work has been co-created with students and we will all have a role to play.

Small moments have big impact

The 2019 campaign #bethechangeRMIT is underpinned by five pillars of research:

  1. Bystander action leads to a safer environment
  2. Everyday sexism begets a harmful, unsafe culture
  3. Peer groups are extremely influential
  4. Education contributes to change
  5. Surviors need both formal and informal support

It's up to all of us to change the harmful culture of everyday sexism that leads to sexual harm. If you would like to support this work, make your commitment to be the change today.

Get support

If you have experienced sexual harm, we're here to support you. It doesn't matter where it happened or who was involved. 

Contact us


Phone: 03 9925 2396

If the situation is an emergency, call Police or ambulance on 000.

Learn more

Change the Story is a report published by Our Watch and Vic Health. It explains the direct connection between gender inequality and violence against women and children - and how we can work to prevent it. 
Change the Course is the Australian Human Rights Commission's 2017 report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian Universities.