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Alae Tauleálo

Senior Chaplain - Anglican

Alae is a lay chaplain with a varied professional background in communications and the creative industries. When not at RMIT he is also a lay minister at St Peter’s Eastern Hill in East Melbourne.

He is currently completing a Masters in Theology at Trinity College Theological School and has a strong personal interest in liturgical and Biblical studies, cross-cultural and LGTBI-inclusive ministries.

Rev’d Fr Hugh Kempster

Co Senior Chaplain - Anglican

Fr Hugh is an ordained Anglican Priest, he is Vicar of St Peter’s Eastern Hill, a leading Anglo-Catholic Parish and one of the earliest churches built in Melbourne.

Fr Hugh is a Director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, honorary Chaplain to State Parliament, and an adjunct lecturer at Trinity College Theological School, with the University of Divinity. Originally trained as an Electronic Engineer, Fr Hugh has a PhD in Medieval Studies, and loves hiking and visiting his four grandchildren on the family farm in New Zealand whenever he can.

Chanh Nguyen

Chaplain - Buddhist

Chanh Nguyen supports the Guided Meditation practice “just sitting” free from beliefs and expectations.  Chanh’s primary interest lies with engaging people, being present, and reconnecting with our wellness, whatever our circumstances.

Adrienne Moran

Chaplain - Catholic

Prior to being appointed Chaplain at RMIT, Adrienne worked as an Operating Theatre Technician at a major trauma hospital. It became apparent that the operating table was the great leveller, with fear of dying being a common whisper from patients. Adrienne made it her focus to hold the patient’s hand as they were anaesthetised, to bring comfort through human contact at this most vulnerable time.

The opportunity arose to formalise her response to this unknown with Adrienne completing an  internship in Spiritual Care at Peter Mac Cancer Centre.

As a graduate of ACU, Adrienne has a passion for education, music and theology. For her, being a Chaplain is about creating community through real life experiences. Authenticity is key.

Costa Englezos

Chaplain - Community Churches of Victoria

Whilst teaching for 18 years at RMIT Business, Costa ran weekend orientation camps for local and international students, developed student mentor programs and founded SLAMS (Student Learning Advisor Mentors).

His passion in life is to love God and to demonstrate that by loving and serving people. In particular that means helping to meet the needs of students – the “whole person” – academic, personal, practical, emotional, and spiritual.

Costa has served with a number of Christian bodies over the years (Presbyterian church, Brethren church, The Navigators, and Christian Union), but the “denominational tag” is not important to him since he calls himself a CHRISTian not a CHURCHian.

Rev Helen Summer

Chaplain - Interfaith (Brunswick Campus)

Rev Helen Summers is an Interfaith Minister who studied in New York and was ordained in 1997. Helen brings many years of experience in education and pastoral care to the role of chaplain.

As an Interfaith Minister, Helen embraces the deep truths found at the heart of all authentic spiritual traditions that give meaning to life, and the shared wealth of spiritual practices that help us evolve and grow. Helen is deeply respectful of the commitment to common values of peace, compassion, wisdom, service, and above all, love, which is found in all traditions. Interfaith Ministers acknowledge the One Spirit that resides in all.

Shiekh Riad Galil

Chaplain - Islamic

Riad Galil has been serving as the Imam of the West Heidelberg Mosque for the past 15 years. He is an educationalist by profession, working at the secondary and tertiary levels. Interfaith dialogue is so important to him that he is a member of the Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA) and the Knox Multicultural Advisory Committee, Publicity Officer at the Knox Interfaith Network and Executive Member of the Victorian Board of Imams. In 2011 he received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to the Islamic community and the promotion of interfaith relationships.

Other Chaplains

Abdihakim Sharif - Islamic (Bundoora campus)

Yassin Aman - Islamic (Bundoora campus)

Lifshy Ajzenszmidt - Jewish

Chaplaincy administration

Laura Kretiuk - Chaplaincy Administrative Officer