Ethical practice

We ensure that our service operates within the bounds of ethical guidelines and the relevant codes of behaviour for psychologists, including the maintenance of client confidentiality.

Access and equity

We ensure access and equity issues are met for all students.

We ensure that counsellors maintain a client-centred focus by being aware and respectful of the variety of people’s differences.

We support students with a range of service delivery modes to ensure access to all students studying inside or outside Australia.

Service delivery

We provide a service that meets legislative requirements.

We have fully qualified and registered psychologists on staff that are committed to ongoing professional development.

We ensure that all student feedback and complaints are handled correctly and according to procedure.

Quality of service

We conduct regular reviews of our service to ensure we adhere to the highest possible standards of practice.

We ensure that our service operates to support the RMIT Learning and Teaching Strategy (PDF, 84KB).

Provision of timely responses to critical incidents/crises on campus

We assist staff in the performance of their duties and roles through the provision of support and secondary consultations as required.

We are trained and equipped to support RMIT in people recovery following traumatic and critical incidents.