Individual counselling

The RMIT Counselling Service provides professional counselling on each campus and is available to all students who want to talk about:

  • personal issues
  • study issues
  • mental health
  • wellbeing concerns.

In a private, 1-on-1 conversation, our counsellors can help you by:

  • providing a clearer understanding of your concerns
  • offering you a different perspective, which can help you think of creative solutions
  • teaching you new skills to manage your issues
  • providing a safe place for you to share your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life
  • offering advice and information on RMIT procedures and process (eg. special consideration) and referring you to other professionals if necessary.

Who can use the RMIT Counselling service?

The Counselling Service is free for all currently enrolled RMIT students, including Open Universities Australia (OUA) students enrolled in a degree program with RMIT. If you are on leave of absence, you will be assisted to make an appropriate referral to continue counselling.

Why see a counsellor?

As a student you are going to face many challenges that counselling can help you manage.

Being positive and managing your emotions increases your academic success.

Please note: you do not need to be in crisis or dealing with a serious problem to go to counseling.

If you feel like your issues are affecting your studies, you can also talk to a counsellor about applying for special consideration.

Always seek professional help when:

  • your life is being significantly affected
  • you are feeling alone
  • you are feeling unsafe
  • you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others.


We can refer you to other specialist services if:

  • you request help with finding a specialist
  • after discussion and assessment, counselling is not the most suitable service for you
  • there are other forms of professional support that may meet your needs.

We can make referrals to other specialist services:

  • within RMIT
  • external to RMIT.

Please note: we will always discuss the referral with you, and if appropriate, continue to meet with you until the referral is organised.

We keep up-to-date with metropolitan services and private psychologists and can help make enquiries for services in rural and regional Victoria, interstate, and sometimes overseas.