Can an RMIT counsellor help me apply for special consideration?

Yes. Students who have been seeing a counsellor about issues affecting their study can talk to a counsellor about completing an impact statement to accompany an application for special consideration.

A counsellor’s letter is sometimes written when the matter is complex or needs further explanation. Both are considered acceptable supporting documentation by RMIT for special consideration.

What if I have not been to see a counsellor before?

If you have NOT seen a counsellor before or not for an issue affecting your study, you can still make an appointment to see a counsellor and discuss your personal issues to apply for special consideration.

The counsellor can make an assessment and sometimes can complete the impact statement or write a letter for you so you can apply for special consideration. The options and support available will be discussed with you by the counsellor.

Please note: there can sometimes be a wait of up to one week for an appointment to see a counsellor so it is best to plan ahead and deal with special consideration in a timely way rather than last minute. You may not be able to get an appointment in time to submit your application with supporting documentation.