Depression can make you think negatively about yourself, the world and the future. Depression can feel as if life loses all colour.  While it may be difficult when you are in a depressed state, it is important that when you feel like this that you reach out for help.


Signs of depression

  • a sense of hopelessness and loss of motivation
  • ongoing feelings of sadness
  • low energy and ongoing tiredness
  • negative thoughts
  • avoiding situations
  • sleeping too much or not enough
  • loss of appetite or comfort eating
  • feeling alone
  • withdrawal from people and things you used to enjoy
  • difficulty concentrating
  • thoughts that life is too hard.

What you can do

  • Look at your diet, small changes can increase positive mood.
  • Do activities that are pleasurable to help you feel better.
  • Do a little exercise each day, gradually increasing it with Couch to 5 K
  • Reach out to friends and your support system, let them know how you are feeling and do something enjoyable with them.

Because depression can lead to thinking and behaviour that is harmful, if your mood does not improve, it is important to seek help.

Support online

Find out more about depression at Youth Beyond Blue or Beyond Blue.

Apps that help

Community support

The Suicide Call Back Service provides free nationwide professional telephone and online counselling for anyone affected by suicide, 24/7.