Placement coordinators

If you are a placement coordinator from a masters and/or doctoral level program please contact us to discuss our placement program, we are also happy to arrange a visit for you.

Counselling, clinical, and educational psychology placements

At RMIT the Counselling Service seeks to provide a quality experience for provisionally registered psychologists who need to complete a supervised placement to fulfil postgraduate academic course requirements.

Students studying relevant counselling, clinical or educational psychology courses at the masters and doctoral level are invited to apply to do their placement with us.

What we offer

Training experiences include offering short-term individual therapy; providing group training and interventions, involvement in projects and counselling service initiatives, having individual and group supervision; and working with psychologists in various orientations to counselling and psychology.

The length of the placement is 10 months from February 2018 until the end of November 2018. We will also consider candidates wishing to complete a 6-month placement but those who are able to commit to 10 months will be more favourably considered. If 6-month placements are offered, they will correspond with semester times (Feb – June and June –November).

RMIT offers a stimulating, nurturing and professionally challenging placement experience for our interns. Our supervisors are an experienced team of counselling and clinical psychologists and our interns are considered an important part of our team.

Clients who attend the Counselling Service have a wide range of issues, many are from different cultures and issues include adjustment and transition difficulties as well as a large number of clinical disorders (DSM diagnosable), with additional family, social and relationship issues. Therefore there is a very high clinical component regarding presenting issues related to mental health and provisionally registered psychologists with some previous experience would be most suited to this placement.

Approximately seven intern places are offered each year.

Interns are based at one of RMIT’s metropolitan campuses: City (3-4), Brunswick (1), and Bundoora (2).

Supervision and placement group meetings

Supervision is provided by experienced psychologists in the service. We offer provisional psychologists comprehensive supervision and support.

Interns have a regular weekly supervision meeting of one hour’s duration with their supervisor. All interns will also have a back-up or secondary supervisor who will also meet with them regularly and provide supervision when their primary supervisor is absent.

Interns also meet monthly for a two and half hour group supervision session. This meeting is facilitated by a rotating member of our supervision team and provides valuable peer support, networking and information-sharing opportunities. In addition to the discussion of case material and other pertinent issues, RMIT psychologists present on specialist topics chosen in consultation with our interns.

Client contact

The Counselling Service endeavours to provide an appropriate level of client hours to allow interns to achieve course requirements. The workload is managed so that interns also have adequate time for case notes, follow-up and research during the working day.

  • At beginning of placement, an assessment of interns’ current level of practice is conducted and clients are assigned as appropriate by supervisor.
  • Clients are informed that they have an appointment with an intern.
  • The optimum number of clients is three per day for interns although this may increase to four clients per day as the intern gains confidence.
  • The minimum number of clients we expect our interns to see each day is two per day. Interns are not normally assigned to new client sessions in the first two to three weeks of placement but begin taking new client bookings after this time.
  • Interns are always supported by staff of the service who are available to assist them with any questions or challenges they may be experiencing while on placements.
  • Interns do not see clients if another staff member is not working onsite at the same time.

Supervision sessions

The goals of supervision are discussed in the initial stages of supervision to ensure that the supervisee and supervisor have a clear understanding of the nature of their supervision contract. A written learning contract is jointly drafted to assist with clarifying goals. Supervision logs are kept by the intern and the supervisor.

  • Interns have scheduled weekly one hour supervision sessions with their supervisor or back up supervisor.
  • Interns have access to their supervisor, back up supervisor (or another RMIT psychologist) outside the formal supervision hour for consultations regarding clients as required.
  • Supervision meetings are clearly marked out in the interns and Supervisor’s appointments diary.

Orientation and training days

All interns will attend orientation and training days on 12, 13, and 14 February 2018 from 9am–5pm for an introduction and orientation to the Counselling Service and the Students Group of RMIT.

For interns who are offered a 6-month placement in second semester, there will be a second orientation period offered with dates to be confirmed.

Interns are expected to participate two days a week at the Counselling Service plus attend the monthly supervision/ professional development group that occurs on Wednesdays from 9.30 am to 12 pm at our Brunswick campus.

Interns are invited to attend a clinical meeting, offered at each campus, for opportunities to present cases and observe peer consultations on complex cases.

In addition to individual client contact, interns are encouraged to take part in other training activities:

  • participating in and delivering workshops to students during orientation and other special events such as RU OK day
  • participation in running therapeutic or support groups on issues such as anxiety management and enhancing happiness.

How to apply

To apply for placement at the Counselling Service, applicants must:

  • be currently enrolled in a post graduate psychology training program
  • have a current Working with Children Check ID
  • have had at least one clinical or counselling placement and or equivalent clinical or counselling work experience
  • not be a currently enrolled student or current employee of RMIT University.

The application and selection process follows formal procedures similar to those required when applying for a professional position in a large organisation. You are required to provide a:

1. letter of application stating/highlighting:

  • reasons for applying for a placement in the Counselling Service
  • clinical or counselling placement/ work experience
  • campus preference (City, Brunswick, or Bundoora)

2. CV or résumé, with referees listed (including previous placement).

Applications should be addressed to Elizabeth Matjacic, Placement Coordinator, RMIT University Counselling Service, PO Box 71, Bundoora, 3083 or emailed to

Closing date

Closing date for applications is 30 September 2017.

What you can expect

Applicants will be notified by email or letter for interviews by the Placement Coordinator by 14 October 2017. Late applications will be accepted but late applicants will only be considered if positions cannot be filled from the current pool of timely applications.

Interviews take place on the campus for which the applicant is being considered for potential placement, are conducted by potential supervisors, and are about 30 minutes. The interview involves questions asked of the applicant, a 10 minute role play, and an opportunity for applicants to ask questions.

Placements to commence 12 February 2018 to 24 November 2018.

Contact us

For further information or general enquiries regarding placements contact the Placement Coordinators, Elizabeth Matjacic on 9925 4365 between 9am and 5 pm Monday to Wednesday.