What do I do when I need to ask for an extension?

If you have the Equitable Assessment Arrangement for ‘Extensions’ within your Equitable Learning Plan, please negotiate directly with teaching staff for that course, and direct them to your Equitable Learning Plan. Your teachers are able to grant you an initial extension of over seven days without having to follow the special consideration process.

My school has asked me to fill out a form when requesting an extension. Do I need to do this?

Schools have different internal processes so you may need to fill out another form. However, if you have Equitable Assessment Arrangement for 'Extensions', your Equitable Learning Plan is the only official evidence you need to provide to receive an extension.

I've requested an extension via email and I haven't had a response. What do I do?

If you can't get a response from your teaching staff, please contact your Program Manager. If you don't hear back, ask us for assistance.

My academic has directed me to apply for special consideration even though I have the Equitable Assessment Arrangement for extensions. What do I do?

If it is your first extension, you do not need to apply for special consideration. Direct the academic to your Equitable Learning Plan where this is clearly stated.

If you require a second extension, you will need to apply for special consideration.

When else might special consideration be relevant to me?

If something unexpected happens, such as missing assessments due to a family member’s funeral, the correct process is to apply for special consideration.

Exam arrangements

When and how do I find out about my exam location?

Before the exam period, the Exams, Awards and Graduation team will email you details about your exam times, locations and your Equitable Assessment Arrangements.

My exams are run through my school. Who puts my Equitable Assessment Arrangements in place?

Your school is responsible for in-school tests and exams. Speak with teaching staff leading up to your tests or exams to ensure the arrangements are put in place.

Do my Equitable Assessment Arrangements apply to in-class and online tests, as well as practicals?

Yes. They apply to exams, in-class and online tests, and practicals.

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