Making an appointment with a Student Support Advisor

To make an appointment, fill in the form and select ‘Student Support’ as the service. A list of available times will appear when the form is complete. Please note, face-to-face appointments are only available at City Campus.


Find out what government financial assistance you are eligible for based on your situation.

You have the right to appeal any decision made by Centrelink if you believe the decision is incorrect.


Income support payments

Find out about:

  • Youth Allowance: if you are a student aged between 16 to 24
  • Austudy: if you are a student aged 25 and over
  • ABSTUDY: if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student.

Avoiding a Centrelink debt

  • The best way to avoid debt is to make sure you notify of any changes to your circumstances immediately. If there have been changes which affect your entitlement and you have not notified you will incur a debt. If you require assistance or you would like to know how changes may affect your payments you can book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor

  • Centrelink matches data with other government departments and education providers and may request verification of your circumstances. If you are declaring income from work make sure you keep your payslips as there is no longer a time limit on debt recovery and you may have difficulty obtaining them in the future.

  • You should always request a review of debt and upload supporting documentation to your online account as there are instances where the amounts are incorrect or there is no debt at all. You can contact the Centrelink Debt line on 1800 076 072 and advise that you are requesting a review of the debt and they should put repayments on hold until it has been reviewed. 


Other payments

Find out about other additional payments you may be eligible, such as:



Find out about: