Making an appointment with a Student Support Advisor

To make an appointment, fill in the form and select ‘Student Support’ as the service. A list of available times will appear when the form is complete. Please note, face-to-face appointments are only available at City Campus.


  • First year, first semester students are eligible for a loan up to $500.
  • Second semester to final year students are eligible for a loan up to $1000.

Note: you will not be charged interest on a student loan.


To be eligible for a student loan, you must:

  • be experiencing difficult circumstances that are impacting your studies
  • have the ability to make monthly loan repayments
  • have paid your fees
  • have no outstanding debts to RMIT
  • be over 18
  • be currently enrolled in an award program at RMIT.

Note: inbound Education Abroad or Open University Australia students are not eligible to apply.

What you can get a loan for

You can get a student loan to pay for:

  • accommodation and essential living expenses
  • essential medical expenses
  • household costs e.g. utility bills*
  • essential program and study-related costs
  • laptops/notebooks.

You cannot get a student loan for:

  • tuition fees or enrolment fees
  • student services and amenities fee (SSAF)
  • recreational travel
  • fines
  • credit card debts
  • purchasing vehicles.

Note: If you are having trouble paying your utility bills and have a Centrelink health or pension concession card, the Utility Relief Grant managed by the Department of Human Services may be able to assist.

How to apply

Download a Loan Application form (PDF) and lodge it at RMIT Connect on your campus.

Students are encouraged to discuss any financial difficulties with a Student Support Advisor at RMIT Connect before applying for a student loan.


Assessment is based on your financial reason for the loan, need(s) for the loan and your ability to repay the loan. A loan application will not be considered until all other available options of financial assistance have been considered.


You must:

  • repay your loan within 12 months (please note: how long you are given to pay off the loan will depend on your circumstances)
  • repay your loan in monthly installments by the due date
  • repay the loan in full immediately if you defer or take a leave of absence from your studies.


  • Final year students must repay the loan by 30 September.
  • If you fail to meet your monthly repayment plan, you may be denied the use of University facilities and services. Debt recovery action will be taken by an agency external to RMIT.
  • If you have overdue charges to RMIT, for example, loan payments, library charges, tuition fees, administrative fees, material fees or enrolment fees, you may be charged a $250 penalty for each due date not met - please see RMIT’s approved schedules of fees and charges for more information.
  • Generally student loans are not accepted during December and January.