When your health affects your study

Short term

If you are sick you should:

Find a doctor or dentist near your campus:

Disability, long-term illness or mental health condition

If you are living with a disability, long-term illness, or medical or mental health condition, or caring for someone with any of those conditions, contact Equitable Learning Services. They can arrange reasonable adjustments to assist your participation in class and assessments. These include:

  • equitable assessment arrangements
  • recommendations about study conditions
  • course materials in accessible formats
  • one-on-one assistance in classes and exams with our enabling staff.

Health promotion

We advocate on issues that affect the health of our students and partner with students and academics to create projects that make RMIT a healthy place to be.
Contact us

RMIT Connect, Building 8, Level 4, City campus.

Phone: +60 3 9925 5000

Need urgent medical advice? Nurse-on-Call is open 24/7:
1300 60 60 24