Health promotion

Health promotion at RMIT helps you make informed choices about your own health and wellbeing. We advocate on issues that affect the health of our students and partner with students and academics to create projects that make RMIT a healthy place to be.

We also offer opportunities for you to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the RMIT community work, you can:

Our work

We have:

  • partnered with students, academics and other organisations on health promotion projects
  • renewed and reviewed the RMIT Alcohol Policy
  • reviewed the RMIT Smoke-Free Policy
  • helped establish a pandemic influenza plan
  • helped start a trial of the Real Foods trolley, which sells healthy meals to students studying in the library after hours
  • established Condoms on Campus, which provides free condoms, lubricant and dental dams for students at more than ten locations across RMIT
  • arranged hearing screenings and free health checks for students on campus each year through partnerships with VicDeaf and Worksafe
  • liaised with GP networks in the community to provide health services for students.

We also advocate with external organisations, particularly on issues that affect students.

We have:

  • made policy submissions to all levels of government on issues that affect student wellbeing including student homelessness and drugs and alcohol,
  • represented RMIT at a government advisory group on student sexual health, domestic violence and youth participation.

You can also access a range of fact sheets about your health and wellbeing with useful, up-to-date information about common medical conditions, drugs and alcohol, sex and sexuality, safety, immunisation, nutrition and more. New fact sheets are being added all the time.

RMIT does not have any medical or nursing services for students or staff. Here is a list of health services near RMIT.

Find out more about health promotion projects.