Medical and nursing fees

Fees for medical and dental services can vary from place to place. This is due to the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee - an amount the government considers a reasonable cost for the medical procedures and services to be subsidised. If the doctor charges above the MBS fee, you will need to pay the difference which is an out-of-pocket cost.

Standard consultation fees for a doctor range from $35 to $80.

So when booking and attending your doctor’s appointment:

  • confirm with the clinic or practice so you are aware of any out-of-pockets payments you may need to make

  • bring your current student ID card and health care cards or documents such as your Medicare or Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) card with you.

For Australian residents with a Medicare card

Your doctor’s visit maybe fully or partially covered by the public Medicare system depending on the doctor’s clinic.

If the clinic bulk-bills, you won’t need need to pay anything out-of-pocket and the consultation fee will be fully covered by Medicare. However if the clinic doesn’t bulk-bill, you will be required to pay upfront the full medical consultation fee but will receive a partial refund back from Medicare into your bank account.

Either way when booking your appointment with the doctor, find out whether they can bulk-bill or not and be prepared for any possible additional expenses.

For international students with overseas health cover

By law, you must have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurance policy for the duration of your Australian visa. Your OSHC policy should provide details on what level of cover you have for different health or medical consultations and treatments.

As an international student with a current OSHC card, you are eligible to be direct billed if your provider has an agreement with the clinic. Direct billing means the doctor bills your insurer directly so you will not have to pay at the time of your appointment or submit a claim. A gap fee* may apply. Again, you should confirm this with the clinic when making your appointment.

*The difference between the consultation fee and amount refunded is called a ‘gap fee’ or ‘co–payment’ and is non-refundable.

Did you know?

If you have OSHC with Medibank, they have a 24 hour Student Health and Support line you can call for:

  • medical assistance from a registered nurse

  • counselling services

  • emergency Legal advice

  • travel document assistance

  • health system guide

  • family and friends message service

  • living in Australia support

  • interpreter services

Call 1800 887 283 at any time.

Dental fees

Medicare does not cover dental services unless you have a chronic condition, complex care needs or you are the holder of a Health Care card. As a local student you can take out private health insurance to cover dental services.

Standard Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) does not cover dental services, but international students have the option of extending their coverage to include dental treatment.

Most dentists offer discounts to full-time students. Confirm when making your appointment and make sure you take your student card with you.

This information is provided as a guide only. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or services supplied. Providers listed are not owned or operated by RMIT. Please contact providers directly for further information. Updated January 2019.