How do you receive this information?

We use a variety of channels including:

  • video
  • file sharing
  • social media
  • one-to-one consultations with RMIT staff
  • learning within small groups.

Who will I meet from RMIT during the IAP?

he IAP at RMIT is delivered by the Student Wellbeing Advisory Services in collaboration with other areas of Student Services including:

  • Study and Learning Centre
  • Counselling
  • Health Promotion Unit
  • RMIT Student Union.

A dedicated Student Wellbeing Advisor is available daily for Australia Awards Scholarship students to access during the IAP and for the remainder of your studies at RMIT.

The IAP covers the following areas:

  • orientation to RMIT and its academic environment
  • support services available, particularly Student Services and International Services
  • adapting to a new environment
  • accommodation and lifestyle
  • living costs and budgeting
  • health and welfare information
  • support for disability and access
  • social and cultural activities
  • information on legal requirements and relevant state laws
  • academic information and skills facilitated by the Study and Learning Centre including
    • institution expectations and study requirements
    • guided learning of study skills
    • access to basic computing and information technology skills where required
    • general skills including critical analysis, research skills and academic writing.