It’s OK to not be OK. There are a bunch of other students who feel the same way - and get it. 

It’s hard to believe others feel the way you do sometimes. We don’t talk about what’s going on under the mask often enough. It's time to have an open conversation about mental health issues at RMIT. It's OK to not be OK is your chance to share your experiences and voice your support for each other.

Why was this campaign developed?

One in four tertiary education students experiences a mental health issue each year. Despite being common, these experiences remain a hidden adversity for many.

The stigma of mental health issues on campus might cause you, or others, to stay silent about your difficulties and prevent you from accessing formal and informal support you need to say engaged in your studies.

For this reason, we need to create a culture which:

  • holds positive attitudes towards anyone experiencing mental health issues
  • assists them to feel less alone
  • promotes belief in their academic success.

How have we developed this campaign?

We have been working with representatives from Student Wellbeing and Inclusion, RUSU - and students like you!

We connected with a diverse group of students who had experiences and advice to share about mental health issues while studying. We honour the voices of these students by publishing their quotes to promote insight, understanding and support in the RMIT community.

What are we hoping to achieve?

We want to help students to feel less alone by showcasing a community of understanding and support at RMIT.

We hope all students gain a greater understanding of mental health issues and are better placed to accept and support any friends or peers going through a tough time.

What else are we doing?

We have created a three year plan for Enhancing Student Mental Wellbeing.