Even though we are physically distant, we can still be there for each other. We are in this together. #RMITtogether

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all. We’ve had to rapidly shift to remote study and work whilst managing the other challenges this pandemic has thrown at us. 

Add this to the regular things that we juggle in life, and it is no wonder that many of us will be experiencing big feelings like overwhelm, stress, anxiety, isolation or sadness.  

RMIT Together invites us to ‘join in’ the conversation. It offers online spaces for us to come together to share our experience and strategies, offer a little kindness and lift each other up. 

Why was this campaign developed?

This mental health promotion campaign was designed to respond to the needs of our learning community during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The heart of this campaign is providing spaces where we can reach out to others and show that they are not alone – and know that we aren’t either. The campaign invites authentic conversations, connections, stories and peer to peer supports. 

Together we can build a culture which: 

  • invites everyone to contribute to the conversation
  • supports our values and holds positive attitudes to anyone experiencing challenge, or mental health issues
  • fosters collective resilience and individual action
  • shares problem solving and promotes belief that we can get through this together 

We acknowledge and support the Australian Government National Mental Health Commission’s national COVID-19 campaign #Inthistogether.

How have we developed this campaign?

Our Mental Wellbeing team have been working with representatives from across the university, RUSU and students. 

The campaign recognises that everyone’s experience of the challenges and the things that help get us through, are unique. As such, most of the campaign content will be generated by our student and staff community.  

As people have different preferred or accessible social media platforms, the RMIT Together web page connects to a range of relevant RMIT social media spaces. 

What are we hoping to achieve?

We want students and staff to engage in conversations and be active contributors to our culture at RMIT.

Even though we are physically distant, we can still be there for each other. We want to help students and staff to feel part of a community of understanding and support at RMIT. 

We provide resources and training for staff and students to support their wellbeing:

We hope all students and staff gain a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing and are better placed to accept and support any friends or peers going through a tough time.

What else are we doing?

We have created a five-year Strategic Plan for Action to enhance mental wellbeing at RMIT.