Make your plan to be an active bystander

If you witness racist behaviour, there are many things you can do to help to stop the incident, prevent it from escalating and minimise the harm to the targeted group or person. 

Standing up to racism isn’t always easy, but it’s the right thing to do. 

Create your three-step plan and we’ll email it to you.

(eg While you are on the bus, you overhear someone telling another person to ‘Go back to where you came from!’)

(eg You decide to interrupt the perpetrator, ‘Excuse me, those kinds of comments are disrespectful and not appropriate,’ and ask the person who was targeted if they are okay.)

(eg You might feel scared that you could also be targeted with verbal abuse. You overcome this fear by thinking about how alone the person targeted would feel if you didn’t say something.)

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About being an active bystander

Wherever you are, at uni, on the train, at the shops or in the workplace, challenging assumptions and stereotypes is a good way to let people know that it’s not okay to be racist


RMIT has zero tolerance for racism. If you have experienced racism, discrimination or any kind of concerning behaviour, on or off campus, support is available. Contact Safer Community (students) or HR Assist (staff) to discuss your concerns and options. 

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