Planning ahead

A bit of preparation means you can relax for the night. Make sure you have:

  • plans for how to get home
  • a place to meet your friends if you lose each other
  • your friends’ phone numbers and they have yours
  • enough money for the night, plus extra for emergencies.

Going out tonight? Remember to take:

  • lightweight clothes, so you will not overheat, and a jacket for between clubs
  • a group of trusted friends
  • your mobile phone
  • your door key
  • condoms and lubricant
  • money for a taxi ride home.

Look after yourself

Take care by:

  • telling someone – a friend, housemate or family member – where you are going and how to contact you
  • staying with your friends
  • not driving if you have been drinking or taking drugs
  • remembering that drugs and alcohol can cause you to make bad decisions, and that you do not have to get drunk or take drugs to have fun
  • drinking water and eating between alcoholic drinks
  • keeping a watch over your drink so that nobody can spike it, and not accepting drinks from strangers
  • practising safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections (STIs).

Looking after your friends

Good friends will look out for you, so look out for them by:

  • never leaving them on their own
  • watching how much they are drinking and making sure that nobody spikes their drinks
  • helping them if they have had too much to drink
  • volunteering to be the designated driver and not drinking or taking drugs
  • stopping them driving if they have been drinking or taking drugs.