What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is sexual activity that a person has not consented to.

It doesn't matter when it happened, whether it occurred on campus, at a University event, during a placement, or in your personal life away from the University - support is always available.

Get help and information

We can talk to you about your rights and options - including where and how you can report what has happened. You are entitled to choose the path that is best for you. Sometimes we will need to take steps to protect the safety of our community - we will always discuss this with you first.

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment or have a friend that has, you can contact Safer Community.  

We can provide specialist support, help you with safety planning, connect you with practical support services (e.g  housing, financial, legal).  You may require special consideration, or support around timetabling or other academic assistance.

We can connect you with Victoria’ specialist sexual assault counselling and advocacy service - the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA).  RMIT Counsellors are also available.

What is sexual consent?

Giving your consent means that you freely agree and are entirely comfortable having sex or participating in a sexual act. Consent has to be continuous and on your terms - you can change your mind at any time.

There are situations where free agreement to sex (consent) isn't possible, including when you are unconscious, threatened, unable to understand consent or if you are under the legal age of consent.

Still confused about consent?
The Consent is Everything website explains this in more detail.