Current Restrictions

In line with the latest government advice, access to RMIT campuses is still restricted to those activities that cannot be done at home. So, for most of our students, they should continue to study remotely.

Guided by government advice and our own campus assessments, we will begin permitting more essential learning, teaching and research activities back on campus. To ensure we are carefully managing the number of students and staff on campus, RMIT will continue to provide specific approval for anyone to attend campus. 

Students in courses with approved on-campus learning activities will continue to receive relevant information via Canvas or RMIT email. Students should check these channels regularly to remain informed.

For more information, go to the RMIT Coronavirus webpages.



Transitioning back to campus 

In Semester 2 2020, RMIT is delivering some essential practical-based learning activities on campus. These activities include labs, studios, research activities and ‘make-up’ activities that cannot be replicated online.  

All lectures, tutorials and other classes that can be delivered online will continue to be delivered online in Semester 2 2020.

Semester 1 2021

With the release of the Victorian Government’s Reopening Roadmap, we are looking ahead and planning what RMIT University life will look like in Semester 1 2021, including transitioning more activities back to campus. A broad outline of our plans for Semester 1 2021 have been communicated to students and staff. Please see the Return to campus section of the FAQs page for more information. 

Given the COVID-19 situation is continuously evolving, the return of on-campus activities will be carefully managed. The University will continue to regularly review its position in keeping with Victorian Government restrictions and the latest government and health advice.

How do I know if I’ve got on-campus learning activities?

Course Coordinators will provide information directly to students currently enrolled in courses that have on-campus learning activities. Students should check Canvas and their RMIT student email regularly for course and class information.

If your Course Coordinator has not advised you that you have on-campus learning activities, then you should continue studying remotely and not attend campus.

Currently, campus is only accessible to students in approved courses with on-campus learning activities.

If your at-home learning environment is unsafe, you may be prioritised to return to campus. Find out more.

What safety measures are in place on campus?

We’re working hard to ensure our campuses and facilities are equipped to safely support the transition back to on-campus activities and prevent the spread of COVID-19. That does mean it will likely look and feel a little different on campus and we need everyone to play their part.

RMIT has developed a COVIDSafe Plan which outlines the principles, protocols and actions that will guide the safe transition of learning, research and work to campus so we keep our community safe.

Safety measures include:

  • from Monday 23 November, all individuals on campus  must wear a mask when indoors (e.g. classroom, office, lab), outside when physical distancing is difficult to observe, and when travelling to and from campus on public transport. All individuals must carry a face mask at all times
  • all individuals on campus must complete a daily COVID-19 Health Declaration, take a daily temperature check and abide by sign-posted physical distancing requirements at all times
  • building access restrictions, scheduling of spaces, clearly displaying maximum room capacity and foot traffic management
  • regular deep cleaning of facilities and equipment and frequent cleaning of high contact surfaces
  • provision of additional personal protective equipment for some activities


Protocols for students on campus: RMIT COVIDsafe Training Module

Everyone who attends campus is expected to vigilantly adhere to all RMIT safety protocols.

Before attending an on-campus learning activity, students must complete the mandatory online RMIT COVIDsafe Training Module, which will provide information about RMIT’s COVIDSafe measures and protocols. The module will be made available to students with on-campus learning activities through Canvas and takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Protocols for students include:

  • Complete a daily COVID-19 Health Declaration. If you are feeling unwell, DO NOT attend campus – instead, stay home, seek medical advice and get a COVID-19 test. A list for COVID-19 symptoms is available on the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services website.
  • Undergo a temperature check upon arrival at campus
  • From Monday 23 November, wear a mask when indoors (e.g. classroom, office, lab), outside when physical distancing is difficult to observe, and when travelling to and from campus on public transport. You must carry a face mask with you at all times. Free face masks will be made available daily at all temperature check points for students, or students can use their own mask
  • Swipe your card at the entrance to buildings and rooms, even if they are unlocked, to confirm your attendance
  • Abide by all physical distancing requirements – including not congregating in groups on campus
  • Leave campus promptly after on-campus learning activities are complete
  • Observe good hygiene
  • Obey all safety signage, including room capacity and foot traffic
  • Follow COVIDSafe protocols in shared spaces
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 and you have been on campus within the last month, inform your Program Manager or Course Coordinator immediately

Students in particular courses may have additional safety protocols, which will be communicated by Schools or Course Coordinators.

Breach of protocols

If someone does breach any of RMIT’s COVIDSafe protocols, they face potentially serious consequences.

First breach: Formal written warning and coaching on protocols

Second breach: Temporary suspension from campus requirement to repeat the COVIDSafe Training Module

Third breach: Executive suspension and Student Conduct Board hearing

If you cannot attend campus

If you are in a course that has on-campus learning activities but you are unable to attend campus or wish to continue studying remotely at this time, you will not be penalised for doing so. We understand that every student has their own personal circumstances.

RMIT will support students to complete their practical learning activities, offering the opportunity to undertake any make-up activities at a later date or in a future semester, whenever the student is able to return to campus. 

It is important to note that if students are unable to attend campus for practical-based learning activities this may delay the date that they complete their study.

If you are unable to attend campus or take up an alternative learning option and are concerned about graduating on time, please contact your Course Coordinator as soon as possible so that an assessment can be made regarding completion impact and specific arrangements put in place.

What’s open on campus? 

Please do not attend campus unless contacted by your Course Coordinator. You must study remotely unless you have received permission.  

Shared spaces

Shared spaces (with bathrooms and kitchen or microwave) are available for use by students and staff to take a break in between classes. These spaces are only available for students and staff approved to return to campus, who have classes or on-campus activities on the day of use.


Building 10, level 6 (Garden building) – access via the elevator behind STREAT cafe on Bowen St using your student/staff ID card

Building 56, level 5 (Student lounge)
Building 57, level 4 (Café)

Bundoora West
Building 202, level 2 (student lounge)


Being COVIDSafe in shared spaces
To ensure your safety and the safety of others, please follow RMIT’s COVIDSafe protocols in shared spaces:

  • Wear a face mask except when eating
  • Keep physical distance (1.5m)
  • Wash your hands before eating and when entering and exiting the space
  • Wipe down surfaces you touch when preparing food
  • Observe room capacity signs and directions 

To assist in managing the number and movement of people in spaces, please:

  • Stick to your allocated timetable when on campus and in buildings
  • Sit only in the marked spaces and do not move the furniture around
  • Don’t gather in groups 
  • Consider eating meals outside if the weather permits
  • Do not use these rooms before and after class – they are for breaks between class only

RMIT is strictly adhering to safety protocols and implementing stringent cleaning and hygiene practices in shareed spaces to protect the safety of our community.


Other spaces

City, Brunswick and Bundoora Llibraries are closed, with services operating online only.

All indoor and outdoor sports and fitness facilities are closed.

The Building 51 Bike Hub is available for use by students with approved on-campus activities (see below).

RMIT Connect will continue to operate online and over the phone.

Students must leave campus promptly after they have completed their on-campus learning activities.

Travelling to and from campus

In line with government advice, wear a mask at all times on public transport.

Public transport

Students travelling via public transport should familiarise themselves with the protocols for using trams and trains as outlined by Public Transport Victoria and wear a mask at all times.

Bicycle access

The City campus Bike Hub in Building 51 is currently available for limited use by students who have approved on-campus learning activities. You also must have a valid student card. During this time, access to the Bike Hub is not automatically provisioned to your card so if you would like use the Bike Hub, email to request access. Approvals will take a few days to process. Showers will not be accessible in the hub or on campus until further notice.

Bundoora bike cages are available.

There are also bike racks available at all campuses to secure your bike.

Have personal items in the Bike Hub? See the Cycling page for information on how to collect your items.

Parking on campus

See Parking at City campus, Parking at Brunswick campus or Parking at Bundoora campus for more information.

If you are unsafe learning from home

Students who request to return to campus based on an unsafe learning from home environment (e.g. unsuitable study environment or other wellbeing concerns) will be prioritised to transition back to campus. 

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team will help assess and facilitate these requests to ensure suitable and safe on-campus spaces are available as soon as practicable. To request prioritisation or if you have an immediate need to not study at home, contact RMIT Connect


More information

For the latest information about COVID-19 and the University’s response, as well as FAQs, please visit the RMIT Coronavirus webpages