Student exchange

Student exchange involves studying for one or two semesters with an overseas exchange partner with which RMIT University has a reciprocal agreement. RMIT sends students to the host partner and they send the same number of students to us. Exchange with a partner institution does not incur additional tuition fees.

Duration: One or two semesters

Course credit: Yes

Short-term experiences

We have a huge variety of short-term experiences; from two week academic-led study tours, to Melbourne based Global Leadership Programs to help develop your leadership style. 

Some short-term experiences are discipline specific, but many are open to students from any level of study in any discipline.

Duration: Two to six weeks

Course credit: Yes

Industry programs

An opportunity to gain valuable international work experience in paid and unpaid internships, work-placements, work integrated learning, clinical placements and research programs.

Duration: Two weeks to eight months

Course credit: Most programs