Global Citizenship will help you better understand world issues and how you can contribute to making the world a better place. It will help you gain the skills you need to lead change in your professional and personal lives.

While completing this online module, you'll dive into the Sustainable Development Goals; the United Nations’ plan to end poverty, reduce inequalities and tackle climate change. 

You’ll exchange ideas and stories with hundreds of RMIT students from our campuses around the globe as you plan actions you’ll take to tackle important global issues.

Open to all RMIT students globally, this program is run online for free. You can complete it at your own pace over three weeks, from the comfort of your own home. 

Through this module you'll gain:

  • A deep understanding of global issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Skills, capabilities and insights to create impact in the world around you as you go through the different modules: Quick, Interconnected, Awake, Accessible & Trustworthy

  • Confidence to bring change into the workplace and your personal life

  • Certification for your new skills through the Global Citizenship RMIT Cred

Once you’ve completed the online module, you’ll earn a digital badge that you can display on your CV and online profiles to showcase the skills you have developed to future employers.

Global Citizenship

When: April, July, August, September, 2021

Delivery: Online

"The journey for the past three weeks has been very informative. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from the content and fellow students which will assist me in playing my part in the future. Let's keep on doing our part as every action matters."

Mohammad Afnan Khali, Master of Project Management