Applying for a global experience

Each global experience has a unique registration and application process. It’s important that you attend an information session before you begin the application process.

If the experience you have selected is open for registration the ‘Apply now’ button will appear in the listing in the online application portal Mobi.  

If you cannot see an ‘Apply now’ button, registration is not yet open for the next intake of your global experience.

Broadly speaking the application process goes like this:

Step 1 Attend an information session

Step 2 Speak to a Global Experience Peer Advisor, read a few student stories or speak to other returned students to answer any questions, concerns or doubts

Step 3 Decide which global experience is right for you

Step 4 Complete the online registration or application process during the application ‘window’ (each experience has its own application deadlines)

Step 5 Once your registration is approved, compete a study plan and get it approved by your Program Coordinator

Step 6 Attend a pre-departure information session and start to book your flights, visa etc.

Visit the following pages for detailed information on applying for: