Gerado Godinez

Gerardo spent a semester on exchange in Estonia.

" Take every opportunity. I learnt so much about what humans can be like. I made friends from people from Florence and Berlin and Paris. I left with this wealth of knowledge about people, and culture and humans and languages. 

Getting to see the art that I saw over there. I got to see soviet era art in their gallery over there. It was just incredible to see that, a time capsule of art, it was amazing.

It’s one of the most unique places I’ve ever been to. There’s such a wealth of variety experiences you can have there. The seasons change completely and the culture changes completely season to seasons. I’ve never been in a snow place before, I was doing ice dunking, sauna culture, and in Spring I was going on swamp marsh walks in crazy boots so it was just incredible. 

Estonia as a whole is just a gateway to the rest of Northern and Eastern Europe. I caught buses everywhere, I travelled every few weeks.

I did a lot of design subjects as well over there and I fell in love with printing. It was great - it changed my whole medium."