Marcus Taylor

Marcus completed his Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) thesis at iSyst Intelligent in Nürnberg, Germany, as a RIIERP participant.

"In 2012 I commenced postgraduate studies with RMIT studying Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering). For my third and final year of studies, I completed my master thesis at iSyst Intelligent in Nürnberg Germany, in conjunction with the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg.

The field of research was in the automotive discipline of Design Verification and Testing Analysis Systems. As part of my thesis, I designed and developed a multi-purpose configuration tool for programming the hardware-in-the-loop  sensor simulation interfaces, writing the hardware connection and the graphical user interface in two separate languages.

My experience throughout RIIERP was excellent. The research and development environment at iSyst Intelligente catered brilliantly for my research and my supervisor was marvellous, providing leadership and support. I also had the opportunity to use my German language skills.

After completing all academic requirements for my Master of Engineering studies, I have now been employed by an industry leader in the Defence and Space industry. I am grateful to RMIT for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to build on my knowledge and experience that I have gained having worked in the automotive industry for two decades. The overseas research assignment has provided me with the skills to conduct comprehensive and methodical investigations at my place of work and will continue to benefit me throughout my career."