Sean spent a semester studying at Nanjing University.

''The time I spent studying at Nanjing University was the best time of my life and I cannot speak highly enough about both the university and Nanjing itself. Nanjing is an exciting, vibrant and fast‐paced city and for those of you who have never been to China before, it’s a perfect introduction to the country. It has both historic aspects of ancient China as well as modern, developed aspects of the “new China”.

Classes at the university will run from 8am till 12pm every week‐day and the best thing about finishing class at lunch time is that all the students can head out in groups to eat together. This was my favourite aspect of life as a student in Nanjing.

I have to make a note about the teachers at Nanjing University. Throughout my whole semester at
NJU I didn’t hear one student complain about their teachers. Within the first month, both my
teachers had become part of the class and would treat us like their friends. There were even times
when they would come out to karaoke bars and restaurants with all of the students. Sometimes they
could become as bored as we were with the regular textbook work, and they would choose to liven
up the classes and get the students interacting and having a good time. I had some classes that were
filled with music, food, acting and sometimes even dancing! The teachers try to get all the students
involved and it makes the experience of coming to class each week really rewarding.”