Simon Karumbi is completing an international internship as part of his RMIT Bachelor of Arts (International Studies). The opportunity is through Spain and Australia's bilateral agreement where Australian university graduates or students in their final year are supported to teach English in public schools throughout Spain.

"I was studying Spanish, and I wanted that experience living in Spain, among Spanish speakers.

My first couple of weeks were very challenging in terms of the dialect, the accent and actually using the Spanish that I learnt in Uni, that was probably the biggest challenge when I arrived.

I would especially encourage students who have studied a language as part of their course to come to a country that speaks the language they studied. You get a lot of experience on the ground you don't get in the classroom, and your language skills improve immensly.

You also meet a lot of people from around the world and improve your contacts, especailly coming into the final part of your studies - it's really important to think about that aspect of your global studies."