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Learning accountability is an important step to becoming ready for the workplace. Being able to take proper ownership of your actions and decisions is a key aspect of professional achievement - it makes you more likely to complete tasks on time, take on leadership roles and foster creativity and innovation

Becoming a Leader

Find out how the Becoming a Leader badge can help you to become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership skills.

Build a personal leadership pathway, and start your own journey towards becoming a great and inspiring leader.

Being a Good Mentee

Finding a skilled mentor in your chosen field can be extremely useful - and the knowledge, experience and contacts they've acquired can give an invaluable boost to your career.

Career Management

It’s not uncommon feel a little adrift when it comes to your career. Most people struggle with knowing what career direction to take, or are at a loss at how to make their plans a reality.

This credential helps you get your career goals and plans straight. By exploring your interests, skills, strengths and values, you’ll work out the path you want to take, and then set down a plan to get yourself there.

Career Planning with Credentials

These days employers are looking for more from graduates than just the right qualifications. They want well-rounded people who can communicate effectively, take the initiative, show innovative and creative thinking, and solve problems efficiently.

Constructive Conversations

No matter what field you work in, good communication is at the heart of everything you do. The ability to convey ideas precisely, understanding where others are coming from, and to clarify when things aren't clear are essential to maintaining good working relations and vital if you want to rise through the ranks.

Emotional Intelligence

No one works in a vacuum. Being able to function well in a team - and in society - means being good at understanding and managing interpersonal communication.

Graduate Recruitment

Almost done with your degree? One of your best chances of successfully taking your next step into your chosen field can be getting into a graduate program, so you can benefit from ongoing mentorship, gain valuable industry exposure and experience a variety of roles in your field.

Interview Preparation

When it comes to getting your ideal job, having the right skills, knowledge and qualifications is just the first step – when push comes to shove, you also need to be able communicate those qualities effectively in a job interview.

Job Applications

You could be the perfect candidate for that job you’ve got your eye on – but unless you know how to hit the right notes in the job application, and how to really sell your skills and experience, you might never even get invited to interview.

This course gives you the know-how to nail your applications, so you can show your skills, experience and attributes at their best, and let your prospective employer know how well you match the role on offer.

Job Search

Looking for work can be tough. Finding advertised jobs that match your skills, qualifications and experience can be a long and frustrating process. Knowing how to search in the right way – and understanding the key things that drive job hiring decisions – can make all the difference.

Leadership and Decision Making

Learn about the connection between decision making and effective leadership.

Learn how to make great leadership decisions that get results and consider the best interests of everyone involved.

Managing Time and Priorities

The one thing most new hires have in common is that they need to be able to hit the ground running.

Having the skills to manage one's time effectively can be essential - making all the difference between a confident new hire that quickly learns the ropes, and a disorganised trainee that trips up the productivity of the team.

Networking is Working

Business is built on connections, held together by an invisible social web that drives everything.

So being able to excel at building these contacts can be invaluable skills enabling you to forge ties across companies, industries and disciplines.

Transition to Work

The first month of any new job is tough. There’s always a whole host of new things to learn, and a whole new work culture to grapple with – and that’s on top of struggling to remember everyone’s names.

This credential gives you a crash course in starting a new job right: gain strategies to tackle common work issues, and learn approaches to navigating a new workplace..

WIL Ready

An important part of your study at RMIT is getting real, practical experience in the industry you’re aiming to enter – which is where work integrated learning comes in. Whether it’s through a placement or a project with industry partners, gaining exposure in your chosen field is invaluable: particularly when the time comes to apply for jobs in the industry.