Your qualification gives you the specific skills to enter the workforce in the career related to your studies, but don’t limit yourself to a particular field.  Remember that your skills can be useful across a whole range of different industries, so think outside the box. Try looking into areas you might not have thought to work in – your new career could be waiting.

Use this section to explore the stops might make on your career journey.

Shape your future

Discover where your degree can take you

Grad Australia career guides give you overviews of different degree areas within your chosen field. Browse through these specially prepared guides  to find out where you can get your foot in the door.


Grad Australia careers guides

Join a professional association

Professional associations are usually non-profit organisations that aim to improve the standards of a particular profession. They often help students and graduates with career planning and job seeking. Being an active member shows employers you’re motivated and enthusiastic. It also means you can keep up to date with developments in your field. Check this list of over 230 professional associations to find one that can advise on career options in your discipline.


Visit the MyFuture website for great practical information about your career potential. It's free to create an account to access all of the activities in the My career profile tool, as well as all the course and occupation information.