Equality within employment is a right according to law. LGBTIQ people are making advances towards achieving equality and the public consciousness has, over the last few years, shifted in a more positive direction. As an indication of these changing attitudes, growing numbers of employers, including prominent graduate recruiters, have signed up to actively support gender diversity in the workplace.

If you’re considering issues faced by LGBTIQ people in the workplace, feel free to address questions about coming out at work, and during the job search, with RMIT’s Careers and Employability staff.

Being out at work

Coming out is a very personal decision and there isn’t ‘a one size fits all’ approach. Please see the resources below to support your decision.

LGBTIQ friendly employers

Many organisations value and actively target diverse employees who identify as LGBTIQ.

The following is a list of Australian employers that are members of ‘Pride in Diversity’, Australia’s only not-for-profit program designed specifically to assist Australian employers to ensure the inclusion of LGBTIQ employees.