It can also be harder for people with a medical condition who encounter barriers from employer attitudes, the work environment, and the physical environment.

RMIT offers support to students with a disability to help them obtain and maintain employment.

Equitable Learning Services

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Career counselling appointments

Booking a careers consultation appointment allows you to discuss any topics regarding career opportunities and your own abilities in a professional and confidential space. In this appointment you may wish to discuss:

  • Career planning
  • What job opportunities your program can lead to
  • Job interview practice
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance
  • Key Selection Criteria response writing help
  • Further study possibilities
  • Job searching tactics

Visit the career consultant booking page to book an on campus appointment.

For more detailed information or to ask questions you can email the team on or call Tel. +61 3 9925 2655

Finding employers who value diversity

Finding an employer that values diversity can impact on your experience as an employee.

The Australian Network on Disability is a member-based organisation that supports employers who welcome people with disability as employees and customers. Their members web page provides a downloadable document that lists these employers.

The Australian Network on Disability facilitates the Stepping Into program, a paid internship scheme that matches university students with with disability with leading employers. There are many internship opportunities listed on their website. If you would like assistance with your application you can book a careers consultant appointment.

The GradConnection website provides a list of graduate employers that are ‘disability friendly’.

Jobs on Campus

Jobs on Campus provides paid employment opportunities on campus for students living with a disability. Roles are available on the RMIT CareerHub and vary from entry level positions to high level industry specific roles. For assistance with a Job on Campus application book a career consultation.


Connecting with a mentor is a valuable opportunity to receive guidance, encouragement and support in your professional life.

The Australian Network on Disability facilitates the PACE Mentoring program to connect job seekers with disability to mentors from leading Australian businesses. By joining the PACE Mentoring Program you will engage in a four month long commitment where you can set goals, discuss experiences, receive resume help, practice interviewing, among many other opportunities.

RMIT Mentoring connects students with industry professionals to receive career guidance, explore opportunities and expand your industry network. Mentoring options within the program include:

  • Industry Mentoring
  • Women@RMIT Mentoring (for females entering male dominated industries)
  • PRIDE Mentoring
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mentoring.