Where to find a graduate program

There are many companies that offer graduate roles, see these resources for a handful of resources and companies for you to apply for.

The Big Meet

Australia’s biggest Careers Expo, The Big Meet, happens in March every year in major Australian cities. The Big Meet is your opportunity to meet up to 100 of the organisations hiring for graduate jobs in one day and in one location. These organisations are offering a range of options including graduate employment, voluntary work, gap years, international internships, vacation work, postgraduate education, teaching, travel and overseas opportunities.

When to apply for a graduate program

The main Graduate Recruitment season runs from March - April for positions starting at the beginning of the following year. Some companies will still hire throughout the year.

How to Apply for a graduate program

Graduate programs can be very competitive and it is important to be aware of the entire recruitment process. Most graduate programs require you to submit a resume, cover letter and key selection criteria as part of your initial application. After submission, some employers will also run interviews, assessment centres or written tasks to determine if you’re the right person for the job. The best thing you can do is get prepared by using these resources.

Graduate Application resources

Practice aptitude tests

In some recruitment processes, you might be assessed on your relevant skills. Aptitude tests often check literacy and numeracy, but they can also test your creativity, problem solving ability, communication and other skills. Use these Practice Tests to get a good idea of the type of tests you may be asked to do.