Practice introducing yourself concisely, listening carefully, asking great questions and showing interest and enthusiasm.

Good questions might be:

  • How did you enter the field?
  • What is the culture like?
  • What kinds of opportunities can you tell me about?
  • What kinds of skills are most needed?
  • Can you recommend anything I should read or attend?
  • Is there anyone you think I should contact?

Constructive Conversations

Tip two: Everyone you meet could be a valuable contact

Make a list of people you know through uni, work, social networks, family networks and extracurricular activity groups, and consider how they might be connected to your chosen industry. 

You can actively build great networks through Work Integrated Learning, RMIT careers events, volunteering and RMIT Alumni (you’re a member as soon as you graduate!) There are also 230 professional associations for you to explore.

Networking is Working

Tip three: Don’t forget about online networking

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are all great networking tools. Make it easy for people to find you, show them what you can do, and think carefully about the professional image you want to project online.

  • Consider how photos, links and connections look to a potential employer
  • Create and link to content in line with your professional aspirations
  • Use a site such as BrandYourself to help clean up your search results
  • Explore professional networking sites, such as:

Promoting U