Full Stack Web Developer

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Full stack web developers build both front and back ends of a website or application – including databases, producing user-facing websites, and liaising with clients during the project planning phase.  

Powered by Udacity, through this course you’ll join the RMIT Online community and receive support from our subject matter experts. With a focus on the Australian industry, you'll also receive one-on-one careers coaching to ensure you're job-ready to start as a full stack web developer.  

Our Full Stack Web Developer course is designed for front-end developers with more than one year’s experience in building websites, and those who have either self-taught or non-formalised programming training or experience.


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


  • Understand SQL and data modelling for the web
  • Complete API testing and documentation
  • Secure a database using encryption methods
  • Define a container environment
  • Construct a database-backed web API with user access control

How does it work ?

  By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the technical capabilities to build database-backed APIs and web applications and demonstrate your abilities through five projects: 

  1. Design a venue booking database 
  2. Create a trivia API 
  3. Create a coffee shop full stack 
  4. Deploy a Flask app on Kubernetes using AWS EKS
  5. Construct a database backend web API with user API control

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.